Born 1973, in Hamburg, Wiebke Dreyer grew up on the fringes of the forest Buchwedel south of Hamburg, where she spent most of her childhood. Always, as a young child, Wiebke was a very visual person, expressing herself in drawings and paintings, which not even her discovery of the written word could challenge, no book is safe and she reads at least two per week.

Besides reading, music played a big part during her growing up, starting with early musical education at the age of five and resulting in playing piano, recorder, flute, and a bit of guitar and drums. Music still plays a big part in her life as a source of energy and inspiration in her studio, in concerts and the opera and new flute lessons. 

Growing up at the edge of a forest and close to a big city, it is no wonder Wiebke can´t live other than in a big cultural city but equally needs nature.

Since the age of seven she has been a passionate horse rider, mainly of course in the forest and this makes any woodland a second home to her.

Beside horse-riding, sport in general is important to Wiebke, she is also a martial artist and passed her 2nd Dan black belt  in Taekwondo in 2008. She recently took up fencing as well.

Wiebke has travelled extensively since her teenage years, making her a linguist. She speaks English, Spanish and French.

After passing the German Abitur in 1993 she studied one year in London at Central St Martins College foundation studies in art and design. This was followed by a four year general art education in Barcelona at the Escola Massana, which gave her a profound knowledge in the techniques of painting, drawing and printmaking and art history, resulting in a diploma.

But she  wanted more and went once again to London for two more courses: a Post-Graduate at the Byam Shaw School of Art, now part of Central St Martins College, and finally a Masters of Art in painting at Wimbledon School of Art, from where she graduated in 2000.   

Since then Wiebke has been living and working in north London.